Welcome to Illustrate your Life by Mandy van Goeije

Empower yourself through art, writing and the development of a personal and unique visual language!

The community

With "Illustrate your Life by Mandy van Goeije"  a unique, quiet and safe, almost sacred little online space has been created where people can share their authentic creative expressions after their life stories in the form of autobiographic visual work. That can be drawings, sketches, paintings, illustrations and even comics. I wasn't brought up in a religious family, but as a metaphor for this place I have a vision of a cool and quiet little chapel with thick walls that keep out the noise and keeps us cool, dry and safe. It's got beautiful and colorful stained glass windows that bring in beautifully colored light. And of course there are lots and lots of candles. Not for the deceased, not for prayer, but for each and every one of us...that our light may shine!

Why Join?

Because you are longing to express yourself and tell story visually.

Because you are looking to grow creatively and personally.

Because you are longing to be authentic and REAL.

Because you have an interest in life stories - yours and those of others.

Because you are looking for a way of dealing with the day's impulses. For a way to deal with life, whether it's the past or today.

Because you are on a quest to (re-)connect with your inner compass and you would like to explore how to do so visually.

Because you are looking for a quiet place to do your creative thing without distraction or outisde interference.

Because you like to share, to inspire and be inspired. 

If two or more of these statements ring true to you, where have you been all that time?! Come in! You're more than welcome to join our incredibly creative community.

What's inside?

A lively free and creative community that revolves around authenitc autobiographic art and life story.

A smashing community of likeminded peers.

A clutter-free environment so more energy and attention remains to put your inspiration to good use without interference.

Lots of inspiration in the form of prompts and videos, etc.

- and when you sign up, be sure to try the app. It's pretty wonderful ♥

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

~ Love, Mandy van Goeije

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